my friend has taken this picture in Croatia on holidays.What is so interesting in this picture?(Polacy za pierwszym spojrzeniem zrozumieli…. :)))on the blue board you can see:Ulica  GUVNO    what means:  MAIN STREETin polish GUVNO sounds like GÓWNO…..GÓWNO means… SHIT… xD

my friend has taken this picture in Croatia on holidays.
What is so interesting in this picture?
(Polacy za pierwszym spojrzeniem zrozumieli…. :)))

on the blue board you can see:
Ulica  GUVNO    what means:  MAIN STREET
in polish GUVNO sounds like GÓWNO…..
GÓWNO means… SHIT… xD

croatia shit gówno hrvatska

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photographs.

Let me call this series “kids"  -  it is my own unofficial title…

First photo was the first HCB’s photo which I have ever seen, I guess that it was about 2004 in august.
so, soon after his death I read an article in newspaper about him, it was completely accidentally - and from the place it has become my favorite his photo.

I could publish more his photographies, but I am quite sure that tumblr is full of his works.

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ONE LOVE - Historia powrotu Rastafarian z Babilonu do Syjonu

(jakby ktoś nie widział może jeszcze…)

Kozacki film produkcji czeskiej ukazujący Rastafariańską wspólnotę w miejscowości Shashemene w Etiopii.

jakby komuś się mega spodobało to na pewno na można ściągnąć.

rasta rastafari onelove one love film movie document reportage dokument reggae etiopia afryka published few days ago photos of my town.
in 2010 on 7 august just before 8 am water began to flow on main street…
Bogatynia is rather longer town, such long as the river, so by each bank lay homes, and by almost whole length of river go roads, paves or streets… and of course because of this length here are many bridges and few footbridges which have been destroyed

on day after, I with my mates went on walk through the town…
view was unbelieveable. I could not throw off from my mind impression that Bogatynia was bombed heavily…

this blog is not a guide book, but I have to notice that in B0gatynia are (still) many lusatian houses. one (now used as a restaurant and motel) you can see on the last photo, that paved street there has been restored for a display.

dla polskojęzycznych podaję link do źródła:

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